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Supply Lists (Import / Export)

As more than just a shopping list or a wishlist, a Supply List can serve as a dynamic tool, adaptable to a range of applications within your e-commerce operations.

Use Cases

Your customers can import spreadsheets to create a list
Your customers can importing a spreadsheet with quantities and add the entire list to the cart. (B2B Bulk ordering)
Your customers can export their lists when supply list functionality is enabled
Your customers can export a list and then reimport the list to update it or place an updated order

👉 A Supply List can be a powerful tool in your Shopify store, serving a variety of purposes and contributing to a more effective and efficient shopping experience. Clear communication with your customers on how to use this tool will ensure its optimal usage.

How it works?

When Supply List functionality enabled, "Import" and "Export" buttons will be available to your customers in the account portal.

Import screen has a sample CSV file that customers can use to import data and generate lists. Ask your customers to use the sample file to create their supply lists.

Select file and import

The app will read the file and generate the list, or if Order Forms are enabled, it will appear as order form

Customer can change the quantities to place an order, or just click add-to-cart to add the entire list to the cart.

How to enable Suppy Lists?

Open the app in your Shopify admin panel
Locate and select the Pasilobus Wishlist & Supply List app among the listed apps.
Open settings in the app navigation.

Within the app settings, look for and enable the 'Import' & Order Form settings.

Consider providing a sample downloadable CSV file to your customers. This file can guide them on how to correctly format their data for upload to the Supply List.

If you want your customers to place an order with their Supply Lists, also enable Order Forms in the app settings.

Updated on: 10/14/2023

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