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How to change customer portal URL?

The customer portal is availabe under "/a/wishlist" domain by default but you can change this domain.

To change the domain, you need to update the URL both in Shopify and in the app settings.

Update Shopify Proxy URL

Open Shopify settings and go to apps.
Find Pasilobus Wishlist Supply List app and click "View Details"

Shopify Settings

In the next screen, find customize URL and change the endpoint

Customize Shopify Proxy URL

Shopify requires you to select from 4 different trailing slashes "/a", "/apps", "/community", "/tools". You can only customize the part that comes after.

Update Customer Portal URL in app settings

Open app dashboard and click settings from the left sidebar
Under "Configuration" update the URL and make sure it matches the URL you just created in Shopify proxy settings.

Updated on: 10/14/2023

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