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Order Forms

The Pasilobus Wishlist & Supply List app introduces a unique feature where lists can be effortlessly converted into order forms. This allows customers to quickly and easily order the products they've saved in their lists .

How it works?

Once you've enabled the feature, your customers will have the ability to add items from lists.

Here's how you can enable and use this feature.

Activate Order forms for Customer Portal

Step 1: Begin by logging into your Shopify admin panel, usually at [yourstorename]

Step 2: In your Shopify dashboard, navigate to the "Apps" section on the left-hand sidebar.

Step 3: Among your listed apps, find and select the Pasilobus Wishlist & Supply List app.

Step 4: In the app settings, look for the 'Order Form' setting. This setting enables the conversion of wishlists into order forms.

Step 5: Enable the 'Order Form' setting. Remember to save any changes you make.

Now, each list created by your customers will be transformed into an order form.

This feature can streamline the purchasing process for your customers, making it simpler for them to buy items they've saved for later. However, ensure you have clearly communicated to your customers about this feature and how they can benefit from it.

If you or your customers encounter any issues or have any queries about the Pasilobus Wishlist & Supply List app, our support team is here to help.

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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