Editing Posts

When you create a post for multiple social accounts, Comity remembers that those posts are connected. This allows you to bulk edit a post for all social accounts.

To start editing, click "Edit" button in your queue. This will open the editor for that particular post of the related social account.

To edit all connected posts at the same time, click "Edit All Posts in this activity" 


You can edit the message and change the time as you like.


Should you choose to bulk edit all connected posts and decide to deselect a social account, the post will be removed from the queue of that social account.


When you are done, click "Update" to save your changes.


You can repost a previously published post in your queue. The repost button will be available under all published posts.


Please note that if you share the same exact post frequently, your social account may be flagged as a spam account, and your future activity might be blocked by the social network. To avoid this happening, please try to differentiate your post when reposting and change the message.

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