Why use Comity?

✔ Manage your social media productively

✔ Spend less time curating and creating content for your social accounts

✔ Easily create posts using smart post suggestions & automatically captured information

✔ Add special days and set reminders to create posts using built-in calendar

✔ Collaborate with others to manage social media

Our Documentation offers detailed how-to guides, along with helpful tips, tricks, and best practices. Use the menu on the left to select the topic you would like to learn more.

To get started with Comity, you'll need to connect at least one social account. Currently, you can connect the social account types below:

  • Facebook: Pages & Groups
  • Twitter: Profiles
  • Linkedin: Profiles & Company Pages
  • Mastodon: Profiles (any Mastodon instance)
  • Pinterest: Boards (Currently Beta & Invite Only)
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