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What is Sticky Cart?

Welcome to the world of Sticky Cart, a powerful tool designed to enhance your Shopify store's user experience and boost your sales conversion rates. Whether you're an established e-commerce player or a newbie just starting out, Sticky Cart can make a significant impact on your business by keeping your customers engaged and minimizing cart abandonment.

What is Sticky Cart?[​](

Sticky Cart is a Shopify app that simplifies the shopping experience for your customers. It keeps the shopping cart visible at all times by 'sticking' it to a certain part of the screen, usually on the side or at the bottom. This design allows customers to view their selected items without having to navigate away from their current page, making the shopping journey more seamless and user-friendly.

Why Use Sticky Cart?[​](

Here are some compelling reasons to incorporate Sticky Cart into your Shopify store:

Enhanced User Experience: By providing a consistent view of the cart, customers can easily review their selected items and make changes without interrupting their browsing. This simplicity and accessibility can lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Decreased Cart Abandonment: If customers can always see their cart, they're less likely to forget about items they intended to purchase. This visibility helps to reduce the chances of cart abandonment.

Increased Sales Conversion: With Sticky Cart, customers can proceed to checkout quickly from any page on your site, which can significantly boost your sales conversion rates.

Is Sticky Cart Right for You?[​](

If you run a Shopify store and are seeking ways to increase user engagement and sales, Sticky Cart is worth considering. Its straightforward implementation and user-friendly design make it an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes.

Our subsequent guides will walk you through the process of installing and configuring Sticky Cart for your store. Stay tuned for these articles to make the most out of this transformative app!

Updated on: 08/31/2023

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