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In this guide, we'll go in-depth into the features offered by Pasilobus Photolock, helping you better understand how the app works to protect your Shopify store's images.

Disable Right-Click

One of the most common ways to save an image from a webpage is by right-clicking on the image and selecting 'Save Image As.' When you activate this setting, Pasilobus Photolock prevents users from right-clicking on the images on your store, thereby effectively blocking the 'Save Image As' option. This feature serves as a deterrent for casual downloaders who might want to use your images without permission.

Block Drag and Drop

Another method used to save images is by dragging and dropping them into a new browser tab or onto the desktop. When the 'Block Drag and Drop' setting is enabled, Pasilobus Photolock prevents this action, adding another layer of protection to your images.

Prevent Keyboard Shortcuts

Some savvy users might attempt to use keyboard shortcuts to bypass the above protections and save images. The 'Prevent Keyboard Shortcuts' setting in Pasilobus Photolock, when turned on, disables shortcuts typically used to save images, such as Ctrl+C or Ctrl+S (Command+C or Command+S on Mac), further securing your images against theft.

In summary, Pasilobus Photolock provides a comprehensive solution for protecting your images from unauthorized copying or use. By disabling right-click, blocking drag and drop, and preventing keyboard shortcuts, it deters casual and somewhat more determined downloaders alike.

Source-Code Lock

A determined individual with some technical knowledge might attempt to access your images via the source code of your webpages. The Source-Code Lock feature in Pasilobus Photolock prevents users from viewing the source code of your pages, thereby safeguarding your images from theft through this method.

Search Engine Lock

While search engines indexing your images can be good for SEO, it also makes your images easily accessible to anyone. If you want to protect your images from being saved via search engine image results, you can activate the Search Engine Lock. This feature instructs search engines not to index the images on your site, helping to maintain the exclusivity of your images.

By using these advanced features in conjunction with disabling right-click, blocking drag and drop, and preventing keyboard shortcuts, you can provide robust protection for your images against various methods of unauthorized copying or use.

Updated on: 09/12/2023

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