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Installing AR to Shopify

This guide will provide detailed steps on how to install and set up the Pasilobus Augmented Reality app in your Shopify store. By the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to offer your customers an immersive and engaging AR shopping experience.

Step 1: Install Pasilobus Augmented Reality

To install the Pasilobus Augmented Reality app, head to the Shopify app store and find the app listing page. Click the 'Add app' button, and after confirming the installation by granting necessary permissions, the app will be automatically added to your Shopify store.

Step 2: Access the App Dashboard

After the app is successfully installed, navigate to your Shopify admin panel. Here, click on 'Apps', then select the 'Pasilobus Augmented Reality' app to access the app dashboard.

Step 3: Uploading 3D Models to Shopify

The Pasilobus AR app doesn't directly handle the 3D models. Instead, these 3D models need to be uploaded to each product as product media in Shopify. Make sure your 3D models are in a compatible format like .usdz or .glb. The quality and accuracy of your 3D models can significantly affect the AR experience, so strive for as much detail and realism as possible.

Step 4: Configuring the AR Button or Banner

Through the Pasilobus AR dashboard, you can configure the "Try with AR" button or an Augmented Reality banner on your store. These features guide your customers towards trying out the AR functionality of your products.

Step 5: Testing the AR Functionality

Once you've configured the AR settings, it's time to test the AR functionality. Open your store and navigate to a product with a 3D model. You should see an AR icon or button, which when clicked, allows your customers to view the product in augmented reality.

By following these steps, you can effectively enable an interactive AR shopping experience for your customers. Future articles will delve deeper into optimizing your use of the Pasilobus AR app.

Updated on: 08/31/2023

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