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How to customize Cookie Bar?

The Pasilobus EU Cookie Bar is a ready to use as soon as it is activated on your Shopify theme.

To change styling and content, open the app dashboard and click Customize.

Once you're in the Shopify Theme Editor, you can start customizing the look and feel of your cookie bar.

Available Customizations


You can select whether the cookie bar appears at the top or the bottom of your website pages. Choose the option that best fits your website's design and layout.

Color Customization:

To align with your store's branding, you can customize the colors of the cookie bar. This includes the background color and the text color to ensure clear visibility and aesthetic appeal.

You can edit the language and privacy policy link using settings.

💡If you keep text fields empty, the app will use the default contant and privacy policy endpoint, which is "/policies/privacy-policy"

Updated on: 08/31/2023

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