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How to add Google Ads to Pasilobus Tag Manager?

⚠️ Tag Manager is available on Premium Plan.

This guide is to help you add support for your Google Ads account in the Google Analytics setup with your Pasilobus Analytics app. By doing so, you can track conversions that result from your ads, helping to provide valuable insights for your marketing strategies.

How to add Google Ads to Pasilobus Tag Manager?

Find the unique ID supplied to you when you set up your conversion tracking tags in Google Ads. You can generate a tag ID for Google Adwords as explained here.

In the generated code find the line that looks like this:

gtag('config', 'TAG_ID');

Copy your Tag ID number from this line.

You will add this unique tag ID to Tag Manager in Pasilobus Google Analytics dashboard. Go to Tag Manager from the dashboard and click on the "New Tag" button.

Add your ID number to tag manager and submit.

🎉That's all and you are all set!

After implementing these changes, your Google Ads account will be supported in your Google Analytics setup. You'll now be able to monitor the conversions and events associated with your Google Ads campaigns more effectively.

You have the freedom to add as many tags as you wish in Tag Manager. However, bear in mind that all tracked events will be propagated to every tag you've set up. Therefore, consider your strategy carefully to ensure that the distribution of events aligns with your objectives for data analysis and tracking.

Remember, adding support for your Google Ads account in your Google Analytics setup can provide you with a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of your ads, which can aid in the optimization of your marketing efforts.

Updated on: 01/12/2024

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