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How does Cookie Bar save user consent?

The Pasilobus EU Cookie Bar is an app designed to help Shopify store owners comply with EU cookie regulations. It displays a cookie consent bar to first-time visitors of your website, ensuring they are informed about your website's use of cookies. But how does the app decide when to show the consent bar? This article breaks it down.

To decide when the cookie consent bar should be displayed, the Pasilobus EU Cookie Bar interacts with the records within your store's system. This ensures the bar is only shown to users who haven't already provided their consent or whose consent period has lapsed.

Upon each page load, the app checks the user's consent status. If the user has already given consent and it's still valid, the cookie bar won't be displayed again. However, if the user has not given consent or the consent period has expired, the cookie bar will appear to acquire the necessary permissions.

The Pasilobus EU Cookie Bar can be configured to collect either implied or explicit consent:

Implied Consent: The cookie bar will disappear once the user continues browsing your website, implying they have given consent.

Explicit Consent: The cookie bar will only disappear once the user clicks the "I agree" button.

The app can be configured to have a single button that serves both implied and explicit consent, based on your business needs and local regulations.

Enabling GDPR Privacy Settings

To make the app work, you need to enable the GDPR privacy setting in the Shopify dashboard. There is a direct link from the app dashboard to Shopify's settings for this.

⚠️ If the GDPR privacy setting is not enabled, the cookie bar will not appear.


Pasilobus EU Cookie Bar works intelligently to ensure your website complies with cookie regulations, offering a smooth user experience while protecting their privacy. By understanding how and when the cookie bar appears, you can better manage your website's compliance with privacy laws.

Updated on: 08/31/2023

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