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Connecting Social Media Accounts to Pasilobus Social

Connecting your social media accounts to Pasilobus Social is a streamlined process. However, there are specific prerequisites and permissions needed for certain platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Here's how to connect your social media accounts:


Ensure you have installed the Pasilobus Social app from the Shopify App Store.
Have admin access to the social media accounts you want to connect.

Special Requirements for Instagram and Facebook:
Instagram: Your Instagram account must be either a Business Account or a Creator Account to be compatible with Pasilobus Social.
Facebook: Ensure that your Facebook account has the required permissions to manage pages and read insights.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Log into your Shopify Admin Dashboard: Navigate to your Shopify admin page and log in.

Access Pasilobus Social: From the sidebar menu, go to Apps and click on Pasilobus Social.

On the app dashboard click connect link in the accounts card.

Choose the Platform: Select the social media platform you wish to connect.

Authorization: For Facebook and Instagram, you may be prompted to confirm additional permissions. Ensure you grant all required permissions for the app to function properly.

Log in and Grant Permissions: Enter your social media account credentials and grant the necessary permissions.

Repeat for Other Platforms: To connect more platforms, go back to step 4 and repeat.

Final Verification: Confirm that all connected accounts appear correctly in your Pasilobus Social dashboard.

Start Using Features: You're now ready to take full advantage of Pasilobus Social’s features, including AI-powered automation and post scheduling.

By adhering to these guidelines, particularly the special requirements for Instagram and Facebook, you'll be able to effectively manage your social media accounts using Pasilobus Social.

Updated on: 10/28/2023

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